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Welcome to Smarter World, a growing community of Netizens. Smarter World is a cocktail of the 21st century. It has everything that this century has seen so far. Furthermore, Smarter World will have everything this century will see in the future.

What will you find on Smarter World

  • Technology trends that have changed the world for good
  • Fashion trends that will make you stand out from the crowd
  • Sports enthusiasts will find some interesting and engaging content of your favorite sports.
  • Content that will become the catalyst to your wanderlust.
  • Reviews of consumer goods, books, movies, etc.
  • Health-related articles and tips and tricks for a healthy living.
  • And a lot more will be added later.

I began this journey of blogging in early 2011. Having no idea what to blog on, I began with writing technical articles. Slowly, while wanting to grow my reach I learned about Search Engine Optimization. And that’s when I got to know a specific theme to write on.

From the times when I had no idea to write, I am having an endless list of articles to write on. With Smarter World, I am on a mission to empower my readers with a lot of information. I want to build a stop shop for everything about things around us.

Things you will not find here:

  • Copied content.
  • Biased content just because they’re sponsored.
  • Negative content about competitors


Shubham Davey

I finished my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Chennai back in 2011. I finished my bachelor’s degree from DG Vaishnav College, Chennai. And no, I was not a great student with outstanding marks. I was lucky enough to learn early, a concept that is applicable to everyone and everything, keep cool and simple.

From a career standpoint, I started my 9to6 career with Cognizant. I worked there for 35 months while I managed to blog in parallel. You can figure out what was I good at, yes smarty it was Blogging. And thanks to the IT job, I got myself my first DSLR(yes I am a photographer too). So I decided to quit the race of IT life and get on backfoot and do blogging professionally along with experimenting/learning photography and sharing the same. I knew there was a risk of financial crunch if I quit the job, but trust me this risk was worth taking. I am determined.


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About me

I began professional photography back in late 2014 and blogging in early 2013. Photography is something that began out of interest. Since the days I got hands on to camera mobile phones, I was much inclined towards photography. From a basic Lumia mobile phone to a professional DSLR the journey was splendid, and since that day I haven’t looked back again. The Lensed(as an Idea) and I, have seen tremendous growth since then, in terms of knowledge, in terms of quality and in terms of anything that seems awesome here(though there is n number of updates going on in the background).

I began shooting from my home in my work town(Pune, India). I used to shoot the sunset, landscapes(Pune is blessed with a scenic natural beauty which was easily visible to me from my home), and places I used to go for an outing. So basically, I became more inclined after I got a DSLR. I got to learn a lot, as I got to implement my theoretical knowledge practically.

I am also an SEO Consultant and Content Marketer/Blogger.

You’d ask why Blogging? Why not full-time in photography as a profession.

In the early stage of my learning, I came to know about a very interesting quote that has helped me become what I am now.

Have 3 hobbies in life

  • One that generates income: Blogging in my case
  • One for you and people you care for: Photography
  • One exclusively for you: Fictional Writing, poems, short stories, quotes etc.

So photography is that special feeling for me that gives eternal pleasure and peace. I mean, what’s more, enjoyable than making people Smile by “say cheese”. Photography is something that can stop time, sounds so meta-human right?

Henri Cartier said “Your first 10,000 photographs are the worst”, I am on my mission to take those first 10,000 photographs to take good photographs.

Off work, you can find me cooking, reading, clicking photos.

I am aiming to become your first choice for all entertainment needs. As I grow, I seek your help by sharing the content with those like-minded people you know. This will help all three of us grow. Everything that I create and share here is mostly out of the experience, partially from learning, and remaining from the ideas that already exist, I just provide a better version of it. Experience is that important. Did I mention that this experience is from the mistakes and learning from it? Yes, I didn’t. You know it now.

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